A great place to get star-struck

Night sky over Willunga – Dave Parky

Striking night skies awash with galaxies and crystal clear stars are usually associated with remote locations such as Australia’s outback.  This visibility can be quantified by the Bortle Dark-Sky Scale, a measure of the night sky’s brightness or ‘light pollution’.  A score of 1 represents the darkest possible sky and the most favourable conditions for observing celestial objects. Cities typically have a rating of 8 or 9.

Night sky at Blowhole Beach – Joel Durbridge

Although the Southern Ocean Walk is only 90 minutes south of Adelaide. It has a wonderfully low Bortle Score of 2.  This translates into spectacular views of the Milky Way as well as some of the major planets and an infinite number of stars.

Weather permitting sky tours are an additional option for our guests by prior arrangement.

Night sky tour – The Backyard Universe