About Us

Embarking on a journey such as this requires an element of trust.  As your finger hovers over that ‘Book Now’ button you want to be sure that your expectations will be met.        

Of course the scenery is breathtaking and wildlife prolific.  But you want to be confident that the guides are capable and knowledgeable, that your accommodation is comfortable and meals are more than just satisfying.  In short, you want this to be an experience that satiates a desire for that special travel experience that you will remember fondly for years to come.

Our walk is a premium adventure that has been carefully designed to ensure each element is of a high standard.  We know this part of the world very well as our love of this coast line goes back a long way.  In fact, we were married here in 1994 and it has been our home as a tourism operator ever since. 

Wedding pic Blowhole

We do not offer walks all across Australia.  As a family owned business we focus on one trail only but we do it well.   

Being a specialist licensed tour operator means we pay attention to detail and are able to tailor elements of the walk to suit your needs.  For example, if you have limited time we also have a 1 day / 1 night introductory walk that is a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the highlights of this iconic trail. 

About responsible travel

We consider it a privilege to operate in such a spectacular part of the world but with that comes a responsibility to preserve the pristine beauty of this environment for future generations.  We have designed our tour to have no long term environmental impacts.

Our accommodation uses best practice environmental principles including rain harvesting for all kitchen and bathroom amenities, high efficiency wood heaters, household recycling, use of led lighting, and use of environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Our walk also has a positive impact on the local economy by employing local support staff and choosing local goods and services wherever possible.

Through our guided walk we encourage our guests to embrace the natural world and we invite you to join us in what we believe will be a highlight in your travelling life.