Mad March – You’d be crazy not to come and join us!

Of course you don’t need an excuse to join us on the Southern Ocean Walk with its amazing landscapes, great company and delicious food.

But here’s a thought. If you enjoy all things cultural then why not combine our walk with one or more of the many major events that are on offer in our State over the month of March.  Here are just a few to consider:

World of dance & music

A celebration of the best in live music, arts, dance and food from around the world. For over 30 years this open-air festival has been held in Adelaide’s beautiful Botanic Gardens (Tainmuntilla) incorporating no less than 5 strategically placed stages throughout the Park . If you would like to explore music beyond the standard radio fare this is an event not to missed. Held from 8 -11 March, 2024. 


The Adelaide Festival of Arts

First presented in 1960 the Adelaide Festival is where South Australia’s reputation as the Festival State all began more than 60 years ago.

Incorporating events from theatre, dance & opera through to cabaret, visual art and new media there is something for every taste.

Adelaide Writers Week

Like the Adelaide Festival Writers Week dates back to 1960 and is held in the beautiful Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden behind Government House. This is a free event  over 6 days and includes lively panel discussion and Q&A opportunities.

  Held from 2 -7 March, 2024.  

Adelaide Fringe

From humble beginnings as an alternative cultural event open to all without the ‘helping hand’ of curators the Adelaide Fringe Festival is now the nation’s biggest arts event and the second-biggest fringe festival in the world.  Incorporating a range of venues including The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony, and The Royal Croquet Club all located in the CBD parklands this is a very diverse offering.

  Held from 17 February -19 March, 2024.  

Australia’s Festival of Innovation, Imagination and Impact

_SOUTHSTART 2024 hopes to bring together people with a burning curiosity, a passionate drive, and an unwavering tenacity to make a difference in the world. It will provide a unique space for dialogue and introspection, uncovering various, often elusive, routes to progress – through deep immersion & conversation. 

  Held from 5 -7 March, 2024.  

Tour opportunity for 4 March, 2024 

 With that much happening it’s no wonder there’s a buzz in town (hence the moniker Mad March)  What better way to ease in to (or out of) your chosen event than by coming on our walk.

We have vacancies for our Southern Ocean Walk departing on Mon 4 March, 2024 which dovetails neatly into many of these wonderful festival events. 

As always you can either book online or contact Jane & Barry directly on (08) 8598 4169.