Covid-19 update

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Sea sponge - Tunkalilla Beach
A lonely sea sponge on Tunkalilla Beach – Southern Ocean Walk



At the time of writing signs are looking promising in Australia’s efforts

to ‘flatten the curve’.  Whilst it is too early to make plans just yet

we are monitoring this situation very carefully as we know

many of our guests who’ve postponed their walk are keen to get started.

As restrictions are being reviewed on a weekly basis there is every chance

that we may sneak in a few walks before the close of the season in October.



Kangaroo relaxing
Might as well relax. A ‘Zen’ moment with arms folded for extra contemplation.


Once interstate borders have been re-opened we will be in a

better position to re-schedule our walks for the remainder this year.

Watch this space and fingers crossed. Meanwhile, you will be

pleased to know that the trail is looking glorious as ever.

Earlier this month a few surfers were sharing the waves with locals at

Boatharbor Beach, one of our highlights on Day 3 of the Southern Ocean Walk.



Surfers & dolphins at Boatharbor Cove
Sharing the waves at Boat Harbor

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