Experiential Travel

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Deep Creek Waterfall



Experiential or Immersion Travel is a form of tourism that is becoming increasingly popular as travelers seek experiences that give them a greater understanding of the places they visit rather than simply ticking destination check lists.  Typically the ‘immersion traveler’ seeks to engage more meaningfully with the area they are visiting.  In Australia exploration of natural landscapes and close encounters with wildlife often form the backbone of such travel.



Guide interpreting the wildlife on trail
Guide interpreting the wildlife on trail



The Southern Ocean Walk is a good example of experiential travel. Over the course of 4 days participants are introduced to natural landscapes covered with native flora.  Encounters with local wildlife are common as we explore different environments and are always a highlight for many visitors. With the Southern Ocean as our constant companion it’s no surprise that aquatic wildlife is also often on hand and again our guides interpret what is seen and experienced.



Spider orchid on the Southern Ocean Walk
Learning about the Spider Orchid on the Southern Ocean Walk



An explanation of Indigenous and European History of the area adds further interest and appreciation of the many landscapes explored.  And just for good measure all our meals and beverages are sourced from local growers which come with their own stories!

The nett effect is that by the end of their journey our guests have been able to place what has been seen, experienced and tasted into context and they leave with a much richer understanding of the area they have visited.  Isn’t that what beautiful travel memories are made of?



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