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If an army marches on its stomach then surely it’s fair to say that our guests really look forward to the meals we present each day.

One of the hallmarks of the Southern Ocean Walk is the care we take in sourcing produce from local growers.  We believe that this greatly adds to the immersive experience and enables you to gain a greater appreciation of the wider region that supports our walk.

From cheese to chocolates, pork to pâté, and wine to water crackers the Fleurieu Peninsula is a treasure trove of small scale bespoke producers.


Smiling Samoyed Micro Brewery
Smiling Samoyed Micro Brewery, one of our local suppliers.


In this issue we shine the spotlight on the Smiling Samoyed, a micro-brewery founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Simon Dunstone and Kate Hemming when a home brewing hobby ‘got out of control’.

Although small in size, the Smiling Samoyed produces a range of ales to suit different palates.  Its dark ale has won back to back awards for most outstanding beer at the Royal Adelaide Beer and Cider Awards.


Smiling Samoyed beers
A tasting palate of the award winning beers of the Smiling Samoyed


And yes, there really is a gorgeous resident Samoyed who, if you are lucky, will call in to say hello to visitors at the brewery.  Their distinctive beers are just one example of the many local products we are proud to showcase on the Southern Ocean Walk.


Smiling Samoyed micro brewery
What better welcome at the Smiling Samoyed micro brewery

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